I will show you what depression feels like

Picture this scenario: you see a colossal danger approaching, but you cannot escape it. You turn to your loved ones looking for guidance, but they don’t seem to care enough. You are completely helpless and cannot fight for yourself. …

Yorgos Lanthimos’ film is simultaneously bemusing and intelligent

Scene from Dogtooth: the family holds a funeral in the name of their “apparently” dead brother

Is it satire? A sharp critique of homeschooling? Plato’s allegory of the cave? If there is something Dogtooth (2009) achieves, that’s giving its viewers plenty of puzzling scenes to discuss. From the minutiae of the script to the surprisingly reduced €250,000 budget…

The Dutch legislative elections show the increasing relevance of a European identity

A set of flagpoles with the flag of the European Union

Earlier this year, The Netherlands saw its citizens celebrating European values as they had never done before, and I’m not talking about the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam (though this is a fascinating subject to me). I’m referring to the Dutch legislative elections, where two pro-European parties, D66 and Volt…

Carlos González Soffner

University student. I spend time thinking about Politics, Film and Eurovision (especially the last one)

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